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This is a local business listing for home owners who have side business that originate from within the Walsh Trails community. Give it a quick look over. You may find a babysitter, plumber or a landscaper who lives right here in your community!

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    Caliber Realty - Jody Knight

    Good communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. With my 5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee you can be certain you will know, and understand, what is happening with your real estate transaction - I guarantee it!

    Phone: 512/565-6456
    Business Email: Jody@Caliber-Realty.com

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    Simply Sweets Baked With Love by Stacy

    Delicious baked goods made from scratch to order! I use as many organic ingredients as possible to create the perfect cookie, brownie, muffin, cake, or scone. Visit me on the web! www.simplysweets.me

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    Lainy's Babysitting Service

    Babysitter available within Walsh Trails and nearby neighborhoods. With Red Cross instruction and Infant/Child CPR
    Business Phone: 512-791-7159
    Business Email: jen_ary@Hotmail.com

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    Austin F.I.T. - Personal Training

    Personal training: One-on-one & group personal training sessions available along with both men's & women's boot camp classes. Whether you're a new mom who can't leave her newborn at home and jet to the gym, a business professional constantly on-the-go, or a married couple who longs to get fit together at home... we are your solution! We come to YOU! Whether you want to exercise from the comfort of your own home, or you wish to choose another location you prefer, we will meet you there. Call: 248-765-7020 or email dean@austin-fit.com

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    Piano and Voice Lessons

    Private piano and voice instruction by teacher with degree in Music Education. Business Phone: 276-2979
    Business Email: cdisano@austin.rr.com

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    Eric's Windows & Lights

    Professional window cleaning & Christmas Light Installation - Business Phone: 512-963-0888 - Email: ebc0208@yahoo.com - www.ericswindowsandlights.com - www.thechristmaslightpros.com

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    Visual Moxie Design Studio

    Visual Moxie graphic design firm specializes in developing integrated business solutions, from corporate branding/logo development, print design, website development and all of your design needs. Bringing your business to life! Visit Our Site Here

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    HiveDrive Hosting

    At HiveDrive, we understand that our customers' websites are "mission critical". HiveDrive provides state-of-the-art "load balanced" web hosting platform to ensure maximum uptime. HiveDrive was founded in 1996.

    HiveDrive is one of the few web hosting companies that stands on our own two feet. We develop our own custom web hosting software and automation tailored directly to our customers' needs. Our entire infrastructure was built and developed in-house by our programmers and developers to cater to our satisfied customers. We manage, own, and operate our entire network and all of our equipment. Visit HiveDrive online or call 1.512.394.4621

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