Squarefoot Gardens?

Posted on 08. Oct, 2010 by in Walsh Trails

SFG - Pepper Plant is the FirstIs anyone doing any vegetable gardening? We built a ‘Square Foot Garden’ that is about 5 foot by 16 feet and don’t know what grows best in our region. I would really like to grow some strawberries. We have a 10 foot by 60 foot fully irrigated place for whatever. We plan on growing an enormous ‘patch’ of something but are looking for suggestions because I’m almost positive that we’ll have too much left over when it’s harvest time. Now if we only knew what we should grow.

Any suggestions?

Oh..and we’re willing to share space in our patch if anyone needs a place to grow some goodies.

The McGuires

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5 Responses to “Squarefoot Gardens?”

  1. Katherine

    13. Oct, 2010

    I would like to know too. We bought a raised garden kit that we’d like to install but we’re at a loss about what to plant. Let us know if you come up with anything!

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    • Tom McGuire

      14. Oct, 2010

      We went to Red Barn Nursery on Pond Springs last weekend and picked up a Dwarf Gala Apple, Granny Smith Apple, and a rugged variety of Peach. We have an orchard! When we were there I saw they had a huge selection of starter vegetables in little black containers. I didn’t have time to see what they all were…but that is where I’ll go to get a grocery list of what will grow here.

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  2. Jody

    20. Oct, 2010

    Texas AgriLife Extension has lots of seasonal gardening info. for our area. You can find them at AgriLifeExtension.tamu.edu. Happy Fall gardening!

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  3. Frances

    01. Nov, 2010

    Commonsense Vegetable Gardening for the South is a really good book to look at for inspiration of what will grow in our area. You can also go to Naturalgardner.com and check out their vegetable section. It’s very inspiring to go to the store down in South Austin too. We put in 6 pear trees in the Spring and only 1 is remaining. We also put in a fig tree that is doing quite fine and a tangerine tree too. Best of luck with your harvest & bounty!

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    • Tom

      01. Nov, 2010

      Frances: Do you live in WT? We bought a Dwarf Gala, Golden Delicious, and Peach tree a few weeks ago. A Fig is on the radar but i’m on the fence about them.

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