Walsh Trails Community Garage Sale

Posted on 07. Jan, 2011 by in Walsh Trails

Garage Sale In MonroeChecking on the possibility of having a community garage sale some time between mid-March and early April.  All we would need would be one advertisement in the local newspaper and a “Garage Sale” banner at the entrence for a week or so prior.  It would be nice to make it an annual event. 

Frank Seib

1103 Williams Way

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7 Responses to “Walsh Trails Community Garage Sale”

  1. Tom

    14. Jan, 2011

    i agree. A quick blurb on Craigslist would net a huge buyer turnout also. We would like to participate in something like a neighborhood garage sale.

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  2. heather

    09. Feb, 2011

    ive been waiting for this, having kids i fill up bins of stuff to get rid of real fast

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  3. Danielle

    16. Mar, 2011

    We live on Three Arrows Ct and were hoping to have a garage sale on March 26. Would you be interested in making it a community-wide sale on that day? I was just planning to advertise on Craigslist.

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    • McGuire's

      17. Mar, 2011

      Danielle, advertise on Craigs list for sure and also post it on the WalshTrails.com facebook page. I would love to participate but we can’t get our junk together fast enough to be ready in time.

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  4. heather

    25. Mar, 2011

    i thought i left a message the other day but i dont see it.. anyway we are going to put out stuff tomorrow too and i wanted to see if you still were and if you posted to craigslist

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  5. Tom

    25. Mar, 2011

    We’re not going to be able to participate in the sale tomorrow. We’re out and about. Craigs list is a great way to attract people. Put it on there for sure.

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  6. Danielle

    25. Mar, 2011

    Yes, I’ve advertised the garage sale on Craigslist all week. Definitely put some things out if you’d like to participate. Hope we have some traffic!

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