How about a community pool?

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blue mondayI’ve been here alomost 3 years and I am tired of paying elevated fees to surrounding communities to swim in their pools.  Our only claim to fame in the Walsh Trails community is a tunnel that connects us to the trails.  (Trails that surrounding communities also benefit from).  We should have a hefty sum of money built up in our HOA account ( The last figure I was made aware of was $185,000 about a year ago).   Do you know of any concrete plans to build a pool for this subdivision?  Most new communities that I’ve researched build a pool from the beginning.   We are the only Wilshire community in Austin that does not have a pool.  When we were in the buying process, our sales rep hinted at the possibility of the developer using a couple of lots to build a pool.   I spoke with the person that manages our dues in the past and was told it was the developers decision when it comes to a community pool.  Can you or anyone provide me with the developers name and or information in this matter.  We would attract a lot more buyers in this community if we considered a pool.

Since this original post/email,  I was given the developers web sitehttp://www.intermandeco.com/portfolio/walshtrails.html  by Tom McGuire, who operates this web site.  I wanted to put that e-mail on here so others could see it and respond with any comments.  If anyone has heard anything about future plans for our community feel free to contact me or respond on here.


Mike Dolan  ( miked78728@yahoo.com)

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25 Responses to “How about a community pool?”

  1. Rich

    17. Sep, 2011

    My wife and I are seriously considering buying a house in Walsh Trails and one of the big drawbacks to us is that it doesn’t have a pool. We swim 6 months out of the year… it would be a big plus if they built a pool!

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  2. Tom McGuire

    30. Sep, 2011

    Thinking about this pool thing. First, it makes sense that first and foremost that it will have to be voted on. Secondly, I bet we could get a builder to request to purchase lots from the developer and then have the HOA purchase the lots from the builder….and…votes permitting, pool!

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  3. Mike D

    04. Oct, 2011

    I agree. A vote would be the best way. A three person board should not make a decision on something that could make or break this subdivision.

    I think research into other subdivisions (HOA’s) would be in order to get a grasp of ball park cost, maintenance fees and what ever red tape may be involved.

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  4. Ame

    07. Nov, 2011

    Has this been further looked into? It would be nice to have a pool :)

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  5. Douglas

    16. Nov, 2011

    If you are thinking of putting a pool in the area…think again…the cons definitely out way the pros in a “developing” neighborhood. If you want a pool, put one in your own backyard…save us all the headaches.

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    • Mike

      16. Nov, 2011

      Douglas. We can agree to disagree on this one.

      We have more than enough funds to build a pool which will bring our subdivision value up and improve the chances of attrating new buyers. When the community is totally built out, It will help with the resale of your home if and when you decide to sell someday.

      Putting my own pool in my back yard does not make financial sense because I will never see the return (financially) on the $60-70 K that I would drop into the back yard. It may help “me” sell my home quicker but I will not see a return on that investment.

      My comments in the beginning were more geared toward the lack of planning by the developer of not putting a pool in like all of the surrounding communities have done. (Saves them a lot of money) Not to mention the simple idea of the fun that all of our children would have and benefit from with the 4-5 years of our current contributions.

      Not a big deal either way for me at this point. I get the sense that your fine with squandering our funds away on silly things like mailbox covers and such.
      Have a good one.
      And take something for those headaches!

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  6. Douglas

    16. Nov, 2011

    For those of you who havne’t grown up in the area and are not familiar with the demographic of the close proximity…then you should so some more research in pool vandelism, call to police surounding pools in the area, etc.

    While from an investment standpoint you have a point (if the pool is deisigned and taken care of), consider where we live…we live within 1-2 miles of 3 pools and one lake with water sports…why wast that money? Mailbox covers and asthetically pleasing items go along way with experience home buyers (typically who are willing to spend a bit more to get a bit more out of their home and privacy), not too mention the resale value of the home and the curb appeal of the hood…at a FRACTION of the cost of a pool/playscape. Also, would you want a pool or playground right next to your house if we voted to build one? becuase some folks are going to be faced with that.

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  7. Jen

    16. Nov, 2011

    I once lived in a condo with a community pool and definitely a good portion of our dues went to upkeep and dealing with minor vandalism issues (the gate for ingress/egress, for one). And yes, the person/family who is going to have a pool for a neighbor might not be happy, but then again they might depending upon location. However, I think it’s worth exploring. We have in WT a guy who installs pools, so an estimate should be relatively easy to obtain. The lack of a pool has actually kept several friends of ours from buying/building here and we gave serious consideration to building elsewhere due to the lack of a pool. Of course, mailbox covers and a playscape would be awesome, too, and likely cheaper. But pools and playscapes do increase liability on our community property insurance. Lots of tradeoffs either way.

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  8. Mike

    17. Nov, 2011

    Good point about the vandalism possibilities and the cost to repair things. I’m not familiar with those numbers but if you have some figures please feel free to share them with everyone. My guess is that it depends on the area of town, how a pool is secluded or not secluded within the neighborhood, etc.
    I’ve lived in the Austin/Round Rock area all my life (43 years). I’m an Austin Fire Fighter Stationed 4 miles from here off of Spectrum Drive and have lived in this Subdivision for a little over 3 years. My family and I have been swimming in every pool in the area that will let us and I can tell you that they are all private (in the Subdivisions), We can’t get our foot in the gate.(Avery Ranch/ 2 pools, and The RANCH next door). The exception is the one close by on Brushy Creek but since we are not residents of BC MUD they charge us an elevated rate, No Breaks. They also hold several swim schools there and non-residents can not get in during those times.

    If your point is that a cover over a mail box will bring in more buyers or get you more of a return if you sell?………
    Well, I don’t even know what to say to that? I will agree that it’s cheaper. Does it mean it needs to be an alternative to a major investment like a pool? Maybe not. Maybe when can do both? Time will tell.
    I can also understand the view of people without kids, with grown kids, people who took the plunge and put the money pit ( I mean Pool) in their own back yard, or non swimmers. I would probably be saying ” Save us all the Headaches” as well.
    Look at it this way……. if your someone new to the subdivision, and you havent paid in the dues that some of us have paid in over the last 4-5 years and you may be able to reap the benefits of the money in the form of a decent pool……. What a deal!

    Here’s the thing. As long as we put it up for a vote, do our research for cost and then put it up for another vote,….. I’m good with how ever it turns out.

    What most people need to think about is that first we have to get the developer to sell us a couple of lots. We have enough to buy lots, build a pool/playscape with maybe some left over. Maintenance needs can be taken care of with a pool tag system. Residents who want to use the pool can buy Quarterly or yearly pool tags (at a discounted rate of course). This would keep from having to raise dues very much if anything at all. (TRUST ME, I DON’T WANT HOME OWNERS DUES RAISED EITHER. If it came to a steep rise in dues,…. I”M OUT. I’ll sneak into the neighbors pool). The projected cost for the tags could be “guestimated” by the amount of people who vote yes for the pool.
    I’m no expert on pools and what it cost to put one in and maintain one but it’s worth looking into. No one person should pretend to speak for all residents with their comments on here.
    One last thing that some of us may not know. We are paying a substantial amount of money to Goodwin Management to merely collect our dues. They are supposed to also take care of any of our issues or questions with things in the subdivision and enforce the rules. However, the person with Goodwin told me personally before our meeting to elect our own board members that they don’t have the power to enforce any of the covenants. What are we really paying for? And if they can’t enforce anything what is going to give our board the power to enforce anything? ie…. Someone not paying their dues.
    Hopefully when all the lots are full and the developer is out of the picture, our HOA can take over collecting home owner dues and save ourselves a lot of money. Enforcement will be another issue I guess?

    (on the other comment on here) Condos tend to have more operating cost becuase of the Landscaping fees as well as general maintenance besides a pool

    Oh and yes, if there were lots availible near me I’d welcome the pool. But that’s me.

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  9. Vivienne

    02. Jan, 2012

    My house is being built now and will be ready by March. I definitely will vote for our division pool and will be willing to pay more for HOA fee.

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  10. Vivienne

    02. Jan, 2012

    Also, Having a pool in your backyard can be either a positive or negative for your home resale. I would not want to buy a home with backyard pool due to maintenance cost and safety liability, but I would definitely buy a home that has community pool for summer usage. My current neighborhood has a community pool and our kids benefit the pool during summer time greatly.

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  11. Wei L.

    16. Jan, 2012

    I am in the process to buy a house in the community. The only concern is no pool. This will impact this community’s house values. I don’t swim in community pool, but I would love to have a pool in this community! I definitely support the decision to have a pool and will be willing to pay higher HOA fee. I wouldn’t’ buy house in this community if I had school kid(s).

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  12. polly

    06. Feb, 2012

    We are looking into buying a home in Walsh Trails. The only way we will do this, is if there is a community pool. Can anyone give an update on the subject?… before we buy a house elsewhere….

    Thank you.

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  13. VJ

    13. Feb, 2012

    Like other prospective buyers, i’m very interested in this, but the lack of pool is leaning me to other nearby communities.

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  14. Wei L.

    13. Feb, 2012

    During the last two weekends, I had been driving around the neighborhood and surrounding areas,
    Now I understood why Douglas said “we live within 1-2 miles of 3 pools and one lake with water sports… why.. “.
    The builders chose not having the pool was for a good reason, so they could offer more room per dollar.
    Even though I still prefer to have a community pool.
    It is real a trade off, Space per dollar vs. Community pool. I assigned all paper works yesterday. Can’t wait to move in during Summer.

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  15. Mike

    13. Feb, 2012

    If the pool is important to you, I would suggest buying in the other neighborhoods because we do not have access to thier pools. We can get into the Brushy Creek pool, but at an elevated fee because we are not Residents of the MUD. but it gets costly if you swim alot.

    As far as the lake, it is canoeing only. (and fishing of course). I would suggest Lake Georgetown if your looking for a decent size lake with camp grounds and three boat ramps, if you enjoy taking your boat or jet skis out. We have a blast out there. It’s Fairly close too.

    Space per dollar vs. a community pool?…….. Maybe more like…… the home builders make a lot more money selling homes on those lots than if the developer spent the money to put a pool on the lots. It’s always about the $$$$$$.
    The developer took a risk that all of the lots would sell without attracting buyers with a comunity pool/ anything.

    That’s just one man’s opinion. Regardless, welcome to the neighborhood.

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  16. Lori

    08. Apr, 2012

    I am buying a house in this development. I don’t have small children, but I do have grandchildren and I would love to have a community pool. In fact, we almost did not buy in the area because it does not have a pool. I’m pretty disappointed that the HOA fees are so high when there are so few amenities. I don’t mind paying the HOA fees when I feel that they are going for something that enriches the neighborhood. As it is, I have to wonder where all this money is going? I will be going to the HOA meetings and will be voting for a community pool.
    And I am definitely looking forward to being part of a great community!

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  17. Corey

    07. May, 2012

    We just bought a home in Walsh Trails and I love it, but if I could change one thing it would be a community pool. We take our kids to the splash pad at the park a lot, but it’s not the same as a pool. Walsh Hills is an amazing neighborhood and would be 10x better if we had a pool. Please you have my vote, we need a pool in the worst way.

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    • Seema Gulati

      14. May, 2012

      Hi corey,

      I just posted informtion about Pool membership. Here at WT you have a choice to join Brushy Creek Mud and enjoy four swiming pools which 2 of them are heated pools, all year long. Enjoy your beautiful home and hope you find the information posted a few minutes ago useful.

      Wishing you and your family all the best,

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  18. Mike

    22. May, 2012

    The Brushy Creek Mud is one choice but it is also more costly. I personally would not buy a membership there because they have never responded favorably to our request to cut us a deal.
    We pay twice as much than a MuD member to swim.
    Mud members (family) $100 for members, $200 for us.
    The only convenient thing is that there is a pool near us on Brushy Creek but it doesnt have much to offer. It’s pretty small and has no small kid friendly things to do.

    A better choice for me is the Cedar Park pools since we are Cedar Park residents. There is a variety of things at these pools as well.
    $ 125 for use of
    1. Veterans memorial pool (has a slide, ten foot diving platform and lots of kid stuff.)
    2. Butter cup pool (diving board and swim lanes)
    3. Elizabeth Milburn ( big slide and kiddie section, swim lanes)

    Check things out for yourself and compare.
    Take care,

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  19. Luke

    27. May, 2012

    I have been exploring the area for a pool and unfortunatelly as what been said the next door neighbour community does not offer the pool usage to our neighbour and BC MUD are small with elevated fees while Cedar park pool offer 3 choice of pools but unfortunately they are quite a distance away from us.

    What we have done in my previous community prior to moving here; in order to keep the pool cost down are:
    – negotiated with special rate to fill the pool with the city.
    – one member of the commitee get a license to be certified in pool and hence allow that person to perform pool maintenance, such as balancing pool chemicals, water shock, pool cleaning, etc that way we dont have to pay elevated third party fees.
    – Some of the members will work as volunteer for general maintenance such as keeping an eye who has access to the pool to prevent vandalism, trash, maintenance, etc. Overall this to me seem to work well as it allow the member to have pool in the community and keep the low maintenance fees.
    If we have community pool here, I personally does not mind doing any of what have been stated above.

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  20. Thomas

    22. Jun, 2012

    There will be a giant Schlitterbahn almost in the backyard (sooner or later) …….

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  21. Juliana

    24. Feb, 2013

    I’m thankful to see this info out there, but sorry to see there are no plans for a pool in the neighborhood. We’re currently house hunting, and lack of a community pool takes Walsh Trails out of the running. Too bad!

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  22. luz de lellis

    14. Aug, 2014

    how many homes have been built in this neighborhood? Just for math and thinking abouth the community pool

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  23. Sachin

    29. May, 2016

    Fast forward to 2016–are there any concrete plans to build a pool in this subdivision?

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